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The Skinny!

Bzzzzzz Queen Bee Dezinz by DeborahWelcome to Queen Bee Dezinz by Deborah. I began my sewing career with quilting and as of late I have found a passion for making purses, totes, and bags.Every woman needs a minimum of 12 bags in her closet. Some should be totes, some should be bags, and some should be purses (with matching shoes of course). All of the items that I have on my site can be customized with my stash of fabric. Choose your bag and make it your own.

Me me me me My mother Joyce and daughter Alicia Scooter and Diesel Diesel the heater hog
I live in Clover, SC with my mother (Joyce), sister (Anita), brother-in-law (Robert) and 4 dogs; Buttons a Dachshund, Scooter a Chihuahua, Diesel a Chi-Weenie, and Chewie (Chewbarka) a Maltese mix. One day I will post a video of them singing! That is a joy to behold.

Here is how my shop works. I have posted (still working on getting them all in) all of the items that I have in my arsenal. If there is no item in inventory of a particular item, the picture posted has been provided by the designer. It is my goal to make a few of each item which will be ready for shipping should you decide to purchase it. In each listing you will be provided with a number of options to choose from if you would like to customize the item. I will post in my blog every Sunday the items that I am creating that week. When a customized order is requested and fabrics have been decided it will be calendared and you will be made aware of the completion and shipping date. Simple, huh?

I am always on the lookout for new patterns and items that I can bring to you. Bags and purses are not the only things that will be offered to you. Join our mailing list and you will be notified whenever a new item is available or a new pattern has been added to the catalog. Like our facebook page, twitter, and instagram to stay up to date as well! Suggestions and comments about my shop are always welcome!