" /> Mystique – Queen Bee Dezinz by Deborah


 Let me introduce you to "Mystique". I had originally intended this to be a full size quilt by utilizing border after border after border. I had this lying on my ironing board debating how many borders to put on and of course my mother saw it and wanted it. I have learned to hide things from her if I want to keep it!

One of my mother's friends who she had not seen in years and years came for a visit this past year. She also noticed it whilst she and my mother poked around my studio looking at all of the pretty things.

My mother and I took Joanne and Sherry out to Victoria's Diner for lunch. If you like liver and onions, this is THE place to get it. During conversation, the question arose as to what I was going to do with Mystique when she was completed. I just shrugged as I knew what was coming.

Now you have to imagine that my mother had been very, very ill for most of the year and this visit and laughter is just what she needed. Well no matter if she needed it or not my mother gets anything that she wants if I have the power to give it. When she heard Joanne ask the question, she started bounding in her chair and pointing around. I swear I thought something was wrong with her.

When she swallowed her food, she pleaded that I give it to Joanne. So, guess where Mystique is heading? To the post office and on its way to Joanne's house.