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What's in the Bag?

What's in the Bag?

Just what is in the bag? Or an even deeper thought.....is it a bag? Word is spreading on my new venture here in the little town of Clover, and I had a man approach me today (as I hid the king size pack of Reese's behind my back) and asked me a "guy" question. He said he overheard my conversation with the clerk at Kangaroo and asked me "just what is the difference between a bag, a tote, and a purse.

Hmmm, I was a bit dumbfounded that a dude would even ask me such a question. So, for all of the men out there that need some estrogen input on things here you go:

The Tote:
Being the low bag on the totem pole, the tote is meant for its namesake. It is meant to tote things around. It is a quick grab and a toss to get out of the house with the things you need for the day. Whether it be books, electronics, clothing, baby stuff, or even the lady's purse or wallet; the tote is in other words, a carryall.
The tote is normally a rectangular or square shape with two straps. Plain and simple. It could be made to have a bit of structure if one chooses, but the tote does not stand up on its own. Unless you want it to, I have the power to make that happen for you.
Totes have come a long way. I have obtained patterns from all over the internet as well as made a few of my own. In the coming weeks, you will see some of my handy work. I try to put some of my quilting experience into my tote bags while still trying to keep them at a reasonable price. But alas fabric is getting more expensive and the prices that I list my items at are as low as I can get them.

The Bag:
A step up from a tote, the bag has a little bit more structure. One of the things that sets a bag apart from a tote is that it has some kind of closure. Be it a zipper, a button, a snap; there is something securing a closure. Tote bags do not have any type of closure on them. I love love love making bags because I have a kind of fetish with buttons. I love to buy buttons. I have mason jars full of them. All sort of shapes and sizes and various levels of sparkle.
You will see them as my little fingers keep on a sewing. I do have a few of them done, but I have had to step back from sewing my bags and totes to finish up a t-shirt quilt for my mother. IT'S HUGE! Have you ever seen a slightly plumb amputee sprawling out on the floor basting a quilt? Well, you will. I will make sure there are many pictures taken as I attach this monster tomorrow and get it quilted.And you thought I was a one-trick pony!

The Purse:
Also known as the pocket book, shoulder bag, handbag, or kitchen sink. The purse is a closed bag that has partitions dividing up the interior. The purse will normally have an adjustable strap, a closure, zippered pockets inside as well as on the outside. If it has a long strap it will be a shoulder bag. If it has a short strap it is a hand bag. I am not crazy about purses because I think they are dated. I am a simple type of gal and I much prefer to whip out totes and bags in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

So there you have it gentlemen (and some ladies who have been a bit confused). If you want something special for that lady in your life for the holidays, drop me a line and I will hook you up!

Peace for now and don't forget to love one another!

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    Nice article. I sent a link to my other half and hopefully he will get the hint!

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